AMSS are experts in tennis court construction, resurfacing and maintenance of private tennis courts and multi-use game areas. Over the course of more than 35 years, we have built thousands of quality tennis courts and sports surfaces throughout the UK.   We are members of SAPCA, the UK association for sports and play constructors.

Tennis Court Construction - Mature trees and an obelisk fence surround an AMSS tennis court
Tennis Court Construction - Tennis court built by AMSS
AMSS - Tennis Court Construction - Victorian brick wall with obelisk tennis court fencing by AMSS

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We are a family-run specialist constructor of premium quality tennis courts and multi-use sports surfaces. All our tennis courts are built by teams of experienced professionals. We have ten dedicated construction teams.

A wealth of experience

We have surfaced more than 5,000  tennis courts and sports surfaces in homes, schools, universities and tennis clubs. We would be pleased to arrange for you to play on one of them to experience the quality of our courts.

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We are passionate about the quality of our work. We are happy to take your calls  in the evenings and on Saturdays. To call Anglia and Midland Sports, just ring our Head Office  on: 01832 272449.

Obelisk fencing around an AMSS tennis courtThe finest name in tennis court construction

Our tennis courts and sports surfaces are made and supplied by En Tout Cas - the original manufacturer of all-weather courts and sports surfaces. En Tout Cas was founded in 1909 and continues to be a byword for British-built quality and excellence.

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Find out what makes an En-Tout-Cas tennis court the choice of players all over the world by clicking here to download our brochure.

There is one certain way of understanding what makes any of our tennis courts so good to play on - and that's to try one out for yourself. Call us on 01832 272449 and we can arrange for you to play on one of the thousands of courts we've built.

All-weather tennis courts or all-year-round courts?

All-weather tennis courts is a much-used search engine term. This is probably the responsibility of En Tout Cas founder Claude Brown, in the days before the Trades Descriptions Act. It refers to porous tennis courts - courts that drain quickly after rain rather than courts that can be used in our climate, every day from January to December.

The only all-weather tennis courts we build are indoors. It is, of course, impossible to play in thick fog, inadvisable to play in the snow and dangerous on ice. For that reason, you will not find one of our surfaces referred to on this site as an 'all-weather' tennis court.

That's because we aim to give an honest appraisal of our surfaces' abilities, having found over the years that an accurate description of reasonable performance expectations leads to satisfied clients. If other companies offer similar surfaces to our surfaces and feel they need to describe them as all-weather, it should not be inferred that our tennis courts are all-weather.