Clear prices for new and resurfaced tennis courts

The cost of a new tennis court

We provide a range of tennis court surfaces that will meet your requirements - and your budget. Choosing the right surface for you is very important. When advising buyers we take into account their playing standard, age, likely amount of use of the court, and whether the court is to be used solely for tennis or other sports as well.

 To find out more about the range of surfaces we offer, and a for a completely honest appraisal of their characteristics, please take a look at our Surfaces Page by clicking here.

PLADEK£55,000 - £65,000 + VAT
SPORTURF£63,000 - £73,000 + VAT
TENNITURF£63,000 - £73,000 + VAT
SAVANNA£64,000 - £74,000 + VAT
OMNICLAY£70,000 - £80,000 + VAT

The cost of resurfacing a tennis court

We like to be as transparent as possible about the prices we charge. The cost of resurfacing an old tennis court will vary according to three factors.

  • The age of the court
  • The court's condition
  • Your choice of new surface

To find out more about the processes involved and the costs of resurfacing a court, please click here.