Savanna - the most advanced synthetic grass ever

AMSS's Savanna is the most   advanced synthetic grass surface for tennis.

We have developed the Savanna court into what is probably the most advanced synthetic tennis surface on the market. Savanna is a soft and durable tennis surface. Its specialist fibre construction gives increased cushioning under foot and consistent ball bounce. Unlike most modern tennis systems, Savanna is a half sand-filled surface, leaving enough exposed fibre so that users can appreciate its aesthetics.

It also offers the benefits of keeping the sand away from the surface of the court. As a result, players stay isolated from the sand and the court plays at a consistent pace whether it is dry or wet. What’s more, the surface dries very quickly after rain in comparison with the more traditional ‘Astro’ type surfaces. Savanna is stitched much closer than Tenniturf or Omniclay and uses polyethylene rather than polypropelene. It therefore allows the fibres to stand up with much less sand infilling, and allows a degree of slide. Savanna gives many of the great play characteristics of Omniclay without the sand at the surface, and the need for such regular brushing.

Savanna achieves an official ITF Rating of 4 (Medium-fast).

Occasional brushing, removal of leaves and spraying four times a year with moss killer remains throughout our product range. As part of our commitment to completed projects we offer our own after care and maintenance, so please feel free to contact us for further information.


POROSITY Porous court
BALL SPEED Medium-fast, wet and dry
COMFORT Comfortable
COLOUR Grass-green

Ten to 15 years for heavy club use, indefinite lifespan for private use.

Tennis, five-a-side football, bowls, cricket, netball and hockey.

Regular brushing, moss-killing.

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