Omniclay - finest natural synthetic clay tennis court surface

Synthetic clay tennis court built by AMSS

Omniclay provides an ideal surface for clubs or individuals wanting a court with the characteristics of natural clay but without the negative aspects of heavy and costly maintenance. Omniclay courts are tested to ITF-approved standards for tournament play.

Its rapid drainage properties allow play to commence during wet conditions without the court’s characteristics being affected. Omniclay courts offer the same play conditions as natural clay, including ball bounce, typical traction and a natural look.

Omniclay offers a range of benefits including high UV-stability and high-specification yarn, no cracking (unlike natural clay), rapid draining (also unlike natural clay), environmentally friendly, no more tape lines (all inlaid in surface), suitability for indoor and outdoor use, all-year-round play and the characteristics of natural clay.

With Omniclay you get everything you would expect from a clay court - except of course the maintenance cost and effort of real clay. So if you prefer the kind of bounce, spin and slide you get from clay, you should check out one of our Omniclay courts.

Daily brushing, removal of leaves and spraying four times a year with moss killer remains throughout our product range. As part of our commitment to completed projects, we offer our own after-care and maintenance so please feel free to contact us for further information.


POROSITY Porous court
COMFORT Comfortable
COLOUR Grass-green or terracotta

Eight to ten years for heavy club use, indefinite lifespan for private use.

Best for tennis, five-a-side football, and hockey.

Regular brushing, treat for moss

En Tout Cas - The finest name in tennis court construction

Our tennis courts and sports surfaces are made and supplied by En Tout Cas - the original manufacturer of all-weather courts and sports surfaces. En Tout Cas was founded in 1909 and continues to be a byword for British-built quality and excellence.