Matchplay - tennis court surface with true bounce, indefinite life

Cement courts, cushion courts, plexipave courts, greenset courts and similar phrases are all terms used in the tennis world to describe acrylic tennis court systems. Originally developed in the USA, this type of product has now found its way into the tennis market on a worldwide basis. However these acrylic-based systems are not without their challenges – cracking, shrinkage and life expectancy are common problems with this type of product.Matchplay tennis court surface - built by AMSS

That said, this surface type is still very popular for club and competition use and that is why we have introduced a range of ‘acrylic style’ tennis surfaces - but based on polyurethane technology.

The Matchplay range of products feature hard court, (Deluxe) semi-cushioned, and full-cushion (Deluxe Pro) systems that are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Our Matchplay court club system is our entry-level product [a hard court design] with no cushion layer which is suitable for installation onto a non-porous sub-base. It provides users with a surface appearance of an ‘acrylic style’ tennis court, but with the improved durability provided by the use of polyurethane technology in the system make up. The cross linking of the polymers during the mixing and application process provides levels of durability that surpass the traditional hard court products.

This improves the overall life expectancy of the court installation and alleviates the cracking and shrinkage problems normally associated with this product style. The completed installation has a seamless finish and provides good levels of traction underfoot in dry and wet conditions.

Our Matchplay Deluxe court competition system is a ‘semi-cushioned’ system to provide an improved feel underfoot in terms of comfort level whilst still providing all of the advantages of the polyurethane technology used in the system make up. Matchplay is suitable for club and competition use both indoors and outdoors.

Landscaped home tennis court built by Anglia & Midlands Sports - AMSSOur flagship Matchplay product is our Matchplay Deluxe Pro court system which has been developed as a full-cushion system (from between 4-mm to a 7-mm shockpad system) which is installed directly onto the non-porous sub-base prior to the application of the sealer coat and flow coat surfacing system. This product is recognised by the ITF and has been classified as a medium fast court in accordance with the ITF performance standards.

The full Matchplay product range is non-porous and easy to maintain and clean. The systems provide consistent levels of performance both for the professional, club and recreational player. The high-quality UV-resistance package contained in the surface coatings make it suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors and the systems can also be used for non-sports activities such as exhibitions and speech days without the need for additional surface protection.

Please be aware that as with all sealed courts, the Matchplay surface laid outdoors will need to be mopped of water after rain. At the end of its life-cycle, the installation can quickly and easily re-surfaced without the need to replace the complete system.

Matchplay fact file

POROSITY Impervious cushion
BALL SPEED Medium/slow
COMFORT Variable

Indefinite for heavy club use, and private use.

International tournament tennis

Regular moss-killing

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